Perks of the job – meeting your idols


Apr 29, 2016 Latest , , , 0 Comments

The first live concert I went to see was when I was about 13 and my brother brought me to see Oasis in Landsdown Rd on the Standing on the Shoulder of Giants Tour. It was absolutely brilliant, pretty rough for someone that young but I was a big Oasis fan and it really cemented my interest in rock n roll.

I remember painting a Liam Gallagher Mural on my bedroom wall. That house was sold so I wonder if anyone painted over it, could be worth something now! I actually went on to meet Liam Gallagher at one of my exhibitions a few years ago. It was surreal to meet a childhood idol and have him really appreciate my work. I think he preferred the John Lennon piece beside his though. He stood (in typical Liam Gallagher stance) staring at it for quite some time.

I had a good chat with him, he asked my how much his was and how much Dave Grohl’s was. He was very happy when I told him that his was them more expensive painting. I kept that particular painting of Liam (which he signed) and it hangs proudly in my studio.

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