Dave Grohl Foo Fighters painting

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I painted this portrait of Dave Grohl for my Oxegen exhibition in 2011. I didn’t have much time to get it done, but I wanted to make sure it was a striking image and kept it kind of fun, as I knew I would be meeting Dave at the exhibition back stage.

I included the ice cube in his mouth as a reference to The Foo Fighters 2011 tour rider. I read the 52-page document online previously that year and thought it was brilliant. The document includes a ‘Field Guide to Food, Coloring Book and Activity Pages’ section along with a detailed outline of their food requirements with hilarious jokes and references throughout.

One piece in particular that caught my eye was a very detailed section on what type of ice they prefer. So I made sure to include something in the portrait. Dave seemed to be really impressed with the portrait and was a great laugh. He is just as nice you think he would be. He did give me one tip for the next time, which was to make sure I put a gro0ve in his front teeth as years of biting the microphone when he sings has grounded down his front teeth! This painting is signed by Dave Grohl is for sale and art prints are also available.

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